Illinois Needs A Fair Tax Now

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We Need to Make it Clear Illinois Wants a Fair Tax

The Responsible Budget Coalition and Fair Tax champions are working to make sure legislators get as many call as possible to show that Illinois supports a Fair Tax between Thursday May 9 and Tuesday May 14. We’ve set up a hotline at 888-412-6570 that will connect callers directly to their legislator’s office..


Illinois’ Middle Class Is The Lifeblood Of The State

However, due to its poorly- designed revenue system, Illinois has been unable to consistently provide support for programs that strengthen communities – education, human services, healthcare and public safety. A fair tax will help stabilize our state’s finances – building the strong communities we all need while providing middle class and working Illinois families the break they deserve. Voters must support Illinois’ middle and working class by passing a fair tax on November 3, 2020.

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