State of our State Report

Sticker.jpgNearly 85,000 seniors losing meals on wheels, more than 130,000 people with epilepsy without treatment, and 15,000 low income women at risk of not receiving potential life saving cancer screenings. Those are just a few of the consquences of the Govenor and lawmakers' failure to put a budget first that chooses revenue over cuts to families and commmunites.  The lack of investment is weakening Illinois. 

It's time for the Governor and lawmakers to pass a responsible budget that ensures all families - all of them - can succeed. They need to pass a budget that chooses revenue over cuts that harm working families and the economy, damage communities and threaten public safety, rob seniors and those with disabilities of their indepdence, steal the future of our children and youth, take away opportunities for women, and risk public health.

Read our new report "State of Our State: Failure to Invest in Families and Communities Is Weakening Illinois." 

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