Next step for Illinois: Graduated income tax

It’s clear that the fair tax is what we need for our state, and I hope my fellow Illinoisans will agree when they head to the ballot box in November 2020 to vote “yes” on the constitutional amendment that will allow Illinois to have a fair tax.Read More

Illinois Should Tax its Residents Fairly

The fair tax is the smart and responsible solution for Illinois’ problems.Read More

Faith Coalition for the Common Good: For people of faith, fair tax plan is morally right

As a leader in the Faith Coalition for the Common Good, I look at public policy issues through a moral lens. And as a longtime union member and leader, I ask what is in the best interests of working people.Read More

EDITORIAL: A tax for Illinois that, thankfully, puts the middle class first

Oh, goodness, billionaires might leave.Read More

Pritzker Defends Graduated Income Tax As Crucial For Illinois

Appearing before Crain’s editorial board, the Democratic nominee sticks by his tax and public-option health care plans, vows support for a “fair” remap and disses the South Loop Discovery Partners Institute plan. Presenting himself as a champion of working families and their needs, Democratic gubernatorial hopeful J.B. Pritzker today ripped GOP Gov. Bruce Rauner as…Read More

Ralph Martire: A Graduated Rate Income Tax Is In Illinois’ Best Interests

Whether Illinois should adopt a graduated rate income tax has emerged as a core issue in the current gubernatorial campaign. This is a legitimate policy question that merits serious consideration by our next chief executive. After all, Illinois decision makers have historically failed to get state tax policy right — and that’s had consequences, none…Read More

A Progressive Income Tax Is Illinois’ Best Chance

Republican state Rep. David McSweeney’s argument that the state of Illinois is “on the precipice of a financial disaster” would have merit, if not for his bogus claim that a progressive income tax would sink the Land of Lincoln. Instead, his commentary sounds like something straight out of the Koch brothers’ playbook of limited government, limited…Read More

Why Back Progressive Income Tax?

For those who think that “taxes” is a dirty word, there can probably be no good tax. Yet for most of the rest of us who recognize that taxes are the “price of democracy,” some taxes appear better than others. For example, taxes charged on liquor or gambling seem more desirable than those charged on,…Read More

What Would A Progressive Income Tax Do In Illinois?

Every candidate in this winter’s Democratic primary election for governor, save the quickly forgotten Robert Marshall, voiced support for moving Illinois to a graduated income tax. And as J.B. Pritzker challenges Gov. Bruce Rauner, who has shot down the notion of such a change, the state’s flat income tax structure seems likely to represent a…Read More

Progressive Taxes Higher? Give Me A Break – On My Taxes

There is a dangerous rumor going around Illinois, and it’s time we address it directly and correct this misinformation. This rumor, spread by deep-pocketed special interest groups interested in protecting their friends and donors, is that implementing a much-needed graduated income tax will mean raising income taxes for all Illinoisans. I’d like to nip this…Read More

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