Hard Working Families Forced to Drop Out of College

Submitted on Fri, 01/22/2016 - 14:52

According to a recent survey conducted by the Illinois Student Assistance Commission, nearly half of all Illinois colleges will not be crediting MAP Grants that the state is failing to pay to students this spring semester, including 80% of all surveyed community colleges. Read more at Fox 32

More than 1,000 low-income students from Southern Illinois University dropped out of school starting at spring semester because they did not receive MAP grants from the state.  Read more at the Wall Street Journal.

RBC Co-Coordinator and Voices for Illinois Children’s Emily Miller wrote this compelling case for Gov. Rauner's short-term approach is hurting us now and well into the future. Regarding higher education cuts she writes: "It’s time for Illinois to ask: What, exactly, is it worth, and who will pay the price? Is it worth the long-term removal of the rungs of the ladder to the middle class? Is it worth lasting harm to our economy?" Read the full article here.