The Responsible Budget Coalition Applauds the House Members Who Voted for a Tax Increase

Submitted on Mon, 07/03/2017 - 15:34

July 3, 2017

Dan Lesser, 708-927-8796

The Responsible Budget Coalition Applauds the House Members Who Voted for a Tax Increase

The Responsible Budget Coalition (RBC), a coalition of more than 300 organizations across the state that fights for fair and adequate revenue to support state priorities, applauds the members of the Illinois House of Representatives for voting for a tax increase needed to save our state. We especially commend the Republican House members who broke with Governor Rauner and their legislative leadership, demonstrating the political courage needed to escape this catastrophic budget impasse.

For years, the RBC has called on Speaker Madigan and his Democratic majority in the House to put a revenue package up for a vote in the House. Last night this finally happened, and by choosing to vote for a tax increase and a balanced budget, this bipartisan group of legislators has finally responded, in a decisive way, to the revenue crisis that has plagued our state for years. 

There is much more work to be done. The spending cuts passed by the House will reduce already threadbare operations and services and, should that legislation become law, we urge the General Assembly to prioritize ameliorating those cuts. Neither the Senate nor the House has addressed our $15 billion backlog in back bills, which will continue to drain the state’s resources until we establish a clear and comprehensive plan to address our debt. Still, passing a revenue and spending plan is tremendous progress towards our overriding goal of a fully funded, year-long budget supported by permanent new revenue.

We urge the Senate to produce the super-majority needed to pass a tax increase and follow the House’s lead in making the income tax increase permanent.

We are appalled that Governor Rauner has already announced his intention to veto the House-passed bills. For the good of our state, we call on him to reconsider. And, should he follow through on his veto threat, we call on the General Assembly to produce the super-majorities needed to override.


The Responsible Budget Coalition (RBC) is a large and diverse coalition of over 300 organizations concerned about state budget and tax issues. It includes organizations that serve children, families, veterans, seniors and people with disabilities; education groups concerned about early learning, K-12 and higher education; labor unions; faith-based and civic organizations; and many others.

The RBC is a non-partisan, trusted source of information on state budget and tax policy and a leader in the fight to pass a budget that chooses revenue over cuts to vital services.

The individual organizations that belong to the RBC represent a diverse range of interests but are united by these three common principles:

  • Adequate revenue to support state priorities and make smart investments
  • No more cuts to vital programs and services
  • Fairness in raising revenue

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