RBC Messaging Guide

January 2017

How to Talk about a Responsible Budget:

Suggested Language and Tips

When advocating for a responsible budget, the language we use can help or hinder our efforts. Stating facts instead of denying myths, avoiding non-inclusive words such as “vulnerable” and speaking to the interests of a broad spectrum of the community will help us make our case.

Below are some suggested words, phrases and concepts that you can use in your advocacy work. Weaving this language into advocacy for your cause or organization will help us reach our individual and collective goals for a responsible budget.

  1. Illinoisans want the public investment that helps our communities thrive, like great schools, healthy families and safe streets.

  2. We can only accomplish this if our state's elected leaders support the revenue it takes to make those investments.

  3. Providing Illinois with the resources needed for public investment must come first.

  4. To help Illinois communities thrive we need to:

    • Make sure talented, motivated Illinois kids can go to college. Too many of our best and brightest are deciding to attend college out of state because of cuts in financial aid, course offerings, and teachers.

    • Provide the stability and certainty businesses and families need to prepare for the future. Predictability is needed to hire workers, plan for services and grow businesses.

    • Invest in our state’s human resources. From meals for seniors to childcare for working families, Illinois needs to make sure everyone gets the support they need to fully participate in the community.

    • Raise new revenue. Instead of letting special interests manipulate the tax code, Illinois needs to make public investments that benefit everyone.


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