ABC 7: GED and Other Programs May Close at North Side Social Service Agency

Submitted on Thu, 06/02/2016 - 11:37


Sara Schulte from ABC 7 Chicago profiled RBC member Centro Romero. Centro Romero provides family and youth services, adult education, and legal services for Chicago’s immigrant community. The budget impasse has already forced RBC member Centro Romero to reduce access to its services such as childcare, but more stand to be lost.

Schulte interviewed Carlos Monterroso, who may not be able to finish his GED if Centro Romero is forced to close its evening adult education program.

With a budget impasse entering into its second year, Giacometti said the agency is considering eliminating its evening adult education program, which could be problematic for Carlos Monterroso, 32, who is in the process of getting his GED.

"If you want to get a good job, you have to have some type of degree education, it helps," Monterroso said.

Dena Giacometti, the adult education director and member of RBC’s Field Committee, remarked:

“It’s really frustrating to not know what is going to happen to this program you have built for 30 years”.

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