Webinar: Responsible Budget Talks #2: Moving Legislators

Submitted on Mon, 04/18/2016 - 10:00


On Monday, April 11th, Responsible Budget Coalition members and allies discussed and demonstrated effective techniques for meeting with lawmakers to advocate for a responsible budget.

Materials discussed during the webinar include:

During the webniar, we had some technical difficulties, but they've all been fixed in the video below.  The Springfield legislative role play section begins at the 26:19 mark.




    Presenters included:

    John Bouman

    President, Sargent Shriver Center National Center on Poverty Law

    Executive Committee Chair, Responsible Budget Coalition

    Samantha Tuttle

    Director of Policy and Advocacy, Heartland Alliance

    Martin Torres

    Associate Director, Latino Policy Forum

    Niya Kelly

    Policy Specialist, Chicago Coalition for the Homeless

    Dan Lesser

    Director of Economic Justice, Sargent Shriver Center National Center on Poverty Law

    Co-Coordinator, Responsible Budget Coalition

    Maxx Boykin

    Community Organizer, AIDS Foundation of Chicago

    Polly Poskin

    Executive Director, Illinois Alliance Against Sexual Assault

    Jim Dixon

    Vice-President, Faith Coalition for the Common Good


    The Webinar Was Moderator By:

    Jennifer Cushman

    Field Coordinator and Policy Specialist, Responsible Budget Coalition

    Neal Waltmire

    Senior Communications Manager, Responsible Budget Coalition


    Description of "Responsible Budget Talks" Series

    This webinar is part of a series of virtual talks the Responsible Budget Coalition is hosting on the Illinois state budget to empower members with useful information and tools, feature advocacy work and expertise of member organizations, provide a platform for members to engage with one another, and identify ways members can take action. 

    This series is open to all RBC member and partner organizations and all who care about the state budget and its impact on families, communities and our economy.