RBC Endorses Fair Tax Amendment

Submitted on Wed, 03/30/2016 - 12:00


The following is a statement from John Bouman, Chair of the Responsible Budget Coalition  Executive Committee, and President of the Shriver Center

The RBC's Executive Committee met last week and voted unanimously to support the Fair Tax initiative.  You will recall that the Fair Tax initiative is the constitutional amendment in Senate Joint Resolution Constitutional Amendment 1 (SJRCA 1) that would remove the requirement that the Illinois income tax must have a flat rate.  Thus the amendment would permit the state to have a Fair Tax, where people with higher incomes pay a higher rate and people with lower incomes pay a lower rate (like the federal income tax and the income tax of all but three other states).  To win a place on the ballot in November, SJRCA 1 must pass both chambers of the legislature with 3/5 majorities by May 6.

The RBC supports the Fair Tax initiative because it squares fully with the RBC's principles:  it opens up ways for Illinois to raise adequate revenue in a fair way, so that the state can fully fund vital services and make smart investments.  

This endorsement of the Fair Tax initiative does not mean that the RBC will not support other revenue measures, nor does it mean, at this point, that the RBC will devote substantial resources to the Fair Tax effort.  The Executive Committee may decide to take a vote to do that as the roll call process evolves, but for now what this means is that the RBC is on the record in support of the Fair Tax.  

Those who wish to actively support and engage with the Fair Tax campaign should sign up with that campaign by contacting Kristen Crowell at kristenkaycrowell@gmail.com.  


PS:  The Shriver Center supports the Fair Tax.  For context, here is a blog I wrote that explains our support:  http://www.theshriverbrief.org/2016/03/articles/budget-and-tax-justice/the-fair-tax-illinois-cannot-get-out-without-it/