Atlas of Austerity Maps 15 Ways the Budget Crisis hurts Illinois

Submitted on Tue, 05/31/2016 - 15:52


Check out THIS MUST SEE website, Atlas of Austerity, at

Ms. Melissa Heil is a graduate student at UIUC’s Department of Geography and GIS.  She created a website called the Illinois Atlas of Austerity, which chronicles the various impacts the state budget impasse has had on social service agencies, higher education, youth programs, and public health. Here's how Ms. Heil describes her website in a post for Reboot Illinois:

I had two goals for putting together this project.  First, I wanted to create a resource that shows the breadth of the consequences of the budget impasse in an accessible way for the general public.  Secondly, I hope it can be a useful tool for advocacy groups and affected organizations to communicate with their own constituents.  

The website itself is not meant to be a comprehensive listing of all of the budget impasse’s effects, but rather to provide an array of “snap shots” to raise public awareness of the wide variety of consequences the impasse has for Illinois residents and organizations.  Since the impasse is evolving, I hope to continue updating the site, particularly as more information about the impacts become available.  

It currently features information and graphics to describe 15 topics impacted by the impasse (for example, reduced services at rape crisis centers and health departments).

Please click to see this very impressive site, with some very depressing information.  You'll gain a a better understanding of the budget crisis.