Ask Lawmakers and Candidates

This Fall, Ask Lawmakers and Candidates About the State Budget

This fall will you or your organization be:

  • Conducting a candidate questionnaire?
  • Attending or hosting a candidate forum or legislator town hall?
  • Meeting with your state legislator?

This fall, ask state lawmakers and candidates about the state budget.

Let’s make sure they know they have one job after the election – to pass a responsible budget.


Suggested questions for lawmakers and candidates about the state budget:

1.  As a state lawmaker, what’s job number one or the most important legislative action you will take?

2. Can you describe the impact of the state budget impasse on the people and organizations in the district you represent or are hoping to represent?

3. When you talk with people who are being harmed by the budget impasse what do you tell them you will do about the state budget as their lawmaker?

4. We all want thriving communities across Illinois. In light of the state budget impasse, what should Illinois be doing differently to fund the public investments that make families and communities strong in our state?

5. Do you support making new investments in shared priorities, like PK-12 education, preventive health care, infrastructure, environmental conservation and higher education?

6. We all know that services such as [name a service important to you or your community such as public health, early childhood learning, higher education, agriculture research and development, etc.] support human potential, are cost-effective and promote a strong economy. How should the State of Illinois fund these and other services that Illinois families and communities need to thrive?

7. How do we pay for Illinois' long-term infrastructure needs such as roads, schools, agriculture and affordable housing?

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